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JANIZ is a female fronted alternative rock band from germany. The bands name is actually a mixup in honor of the great Janis Joplin and her amazing work. Back in 2012 the band started as Janiz Lee and released their debut record titled >The New Black< on April 26th 2013. The following > New Black Tour< hit ground in almost 50 cities all over germany.

After changing the bands name to simply JANIZ and replacing their main vocalist with a stunning new voice in 2015, a whole new record is going to be released on April 2nd 2016 under the flag of the bands very own label Dissid. The song >White Flag< is the first single out of the album >Scars And A Lion< and comes with the first music video the band ever released.

The Ground Zero Tour 2016 starts with a release show on April 2nd and is taking the band all over germany again.




#Poison [Live]

Recorded April 2nd 2016   // Stollberg, Germany

#Me And My Broken Heart [Live]

Recorded April 2nd 2016  // Stollberg, Germany

#White Flag [Official Music Video]

First single out of the record ´Scars And A Lion´ released on april 2nd 2016

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Matthias Lange
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09337 Hohenstein-Ernstthal



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